Leptin is a hormone of adipose tissue and is mainly synthesized by adipocytes. It consists of 167 amino acids and has a molecular weight of 18.64 kDa. Leptin is involved in the regulation of food intake. The concentration of leptin in the circulation is essentially determined by the body fat mass.

Mediagnost offers you three different leptin tests, which differ in sensitivity, measuring range and duration. Furthermore we offer you with the bioLEP ELISA a test for the measurement of biologically active leptinHere, the measurement is not based on two specific antibodies, but on the combination of a specific, polyclonal anit leptin antibody with the Leptin binding protein, the extracellular part of the leptin receptor. In this way, the test allows to measure only the functional leptin that is able to bind to the receptor. As well as an sLEP-R ELISA for the quantitative determination of human soluble leptin receptor (sLEP-R),  Product number R07.

bioLEP ELISA ELISA Sensitive
Product number L07 E07 E077 R44
regulatory status (EU) RUO IVD IVD


Reference material NIBSC 97/594 NIBSC 97/594 NIBSC 97/594 NIBSC 97/594
Incubation period 4 h 1,75 h 1,75 h 15 h
Antibody Rabbit Mouse Mouse Rabbit
Calibrator recom. Leptin recom. Leptin recom. Leptin recom. Leptin
Assay Range
1 –
0,25 – 100 0,014 – 50 0,1 – 64
Sample matrix Serum/ Plasma Serum/ Plasma Serum/ Plasma

Serum/ Plasma

Sample dilution 1:20 un-
1:10 un-
analyt. Sensitivity
0,01 < 0.25 0,014 0,1
Intra-/Interassay Variance [%] <10 <15 <10 <10
Reference values Blum WF, Juul A; Reference ranges of serum leptin, In: Leptin- the voice of adipose tissue, Blum WF et al. eds. Johann Ambrosius Verlag, Heidelberg, 1997

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