In an aging society, diagnostics and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases are becoming increasingly important. Mediagnost is involved in various research projects to improve the diagnosis of these diseases.

The existing product portfolio includes in particular the test system for the quantitative detection of Progranulin (E103)  Application in the field of neurological research. Progranulin influences a number of physiological processes genetic progranulin deficiency leads to frontotemporal dementia and complete deficiency to neuronal ceroid lipofucinosis. In addition to its neurophysiological significance, progranulin also influences inflammatory processes and has a link to energy metabolism (type 2 diabetes/obesity).

Monoamine oxidase is involved in various oxidative processes and plays a role, for example, in the therapy of Parkinson's disease or the therapy of depression. But the monoaminooxidases are also important with regard to Personality disorders and substance abuse of importance.

With regard to the diagnostics of alcohol abuse, Mediagnost offers specific antibodies for the detection of ethanol degradation products such as Phosphatidyl ethanol as well as Ethyl glucoronide.