Mediagnost has extensive experience in cell culture and the cultivation or breeding of viruses.

Since its foundation, Mediagnost has been producing the hepatitis A virus (HAV) for the manufacture of its own test systems and as a raw material for diagnostic companies.

The HAV antigens are prepared from HAV infected cell cultures, inactivated by formaldehyde and neutralized with sodium bisulfite. Inactivation of the antigens is verified by Mediagnost residual infectivity assay.

HAV- Antigen A30 is enriched via tangential flow filtration and contains stabilizing companion proteins.


Hepatitis A Virus Antigen

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Cell culture MRC5 or FRhK4 cells
Raw material Cell culture supernatant
Processing Tangential Flow Filtration
Buffer PBS
HAV antigen [IU/mL] ≥80
Protein [mg/mL] >10
Preservation 0.05% NaN3
Storage -20°C
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