The acid-labile subunit (ALS) consists of 577 amino acids and is part of the so-called ternary complex of IGF-I/IGFBP-3 or IGFBP-5 and ALS. The formation of this complex significantly prolongs the half-life of IGF-I in circulation. It increases from 30 -90 minutes up to 12 hours so that the formation of the ternary complex regulates the bioavailability of IGF-I.

So far, no diagnostic application of the ALS concentration is known. The Mediagnost test enables the reliable and reproducible measurement of ALS and thus the investigation of the biomarker properties of ALS e.g. in the field of Doping or Preeclampsia.

The Mediagnost ALS ELISA is suitable for the measurement of human ALS in serum and plasma. An overview of the characteristics of the test system can be found in the table below, detailed information is available in the package insert and on request.


Product number


Regulatory status


Reference material recombinant ALS
Incubation period 3h
Antibody Rabbit
Standard native human ALS
Assay Range [ng/mL] 0,53 - 30 000

EDTA / Heparin Plasma

Sample dilution 1:150
analyt. Sensitivity [ng/mL] 0,53
Intra-/Interassay Variance [%] <10
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