Chemerin (Retinoic acid receptor responder protein 2), a protein of 137 amino acids, can exert pro- and antiinflammatory effects, depending on the specificity of the proteases cleaving the original protein. It has positive chemotactic effects on dendritic cells and macrophages. Further, chemerin can influence the differentiation of adipocytes and the the intracellular signalling of differentiated fat cells.

An overview of major assay characteristics is given in the table below. More detailed information is available in the package insert and for special requirements or questions please contact us directly by email or phone.


Chemerin ELISA
Product number


Regulatory status


Reference material recombinant Chemerin
Incubation time 2,5h
Antibody Mouse / Goat
Standard recombinant Chemerin
Assay Range
0,005 – 303
Sample matrix

EDTA- / Heparin Plasma

Sample dilution 1:505
analyt. Sensitivity
Intra-/Interassay variance [%] < 10
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