Progranulin is a protein of 88kDa and established as biomarker for frontotemporale dementia (FTD), in about 5-10% of the patients with FTD decreased progranulin concentrations could be detected. An increase of the progranulin concentration was detected in patients with type 2 diabetes. Progranulin might reflect the distribution of the fatty tissue und could possibly be a marker for the amount of visceral adipose tissue.

The Mediagnost Progranulin ELISA is a test system with good reproducibility and high specificity for total progranulin, it does not bind to granulines. An overview of major assay characteristics is given in the table below. More detailed information is available in the package insert and for special requirements or questions please contact us directly by email or phone.


Progranulin ELISA
Product number


Regulatory status


Reference material recombinant Progranulin
Incubation time 2h
Antibody Mouse
Standard recombinant Progranulin
Assay Range
0,018 – 103
Sample matrix

EDTA- / Heparin- / Citrat- Plasma

Sample dilution 1:41
analyt. Sensitivity
Intra-/Interassay variance [%] <10
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