In an aging society diagnostics and therapy of neuodegenerative diseases are of increacing relevance. Mediagnost participates in several research projects to improve the diagnostics of these diseases.

Currently Mediagnost offers test systems for the quantitative measurement of Progranulin (E103) and Monoaminooxidase B (E101) for research usee. Progranulin exerts influence on several physiological processes, a genetically caused partial Progranulin deficiency leads to fronto temporal dementia and a complete Progranulin deficieny results in neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses. Besides the neurophysiological relevance, Progranulin also influences inflammatory processes and is part of the regulation of the energy metabolism (Type 2 Diabetes / obesity).

The Monoaminooxidase is involved in different oxidative processes and is of relevance in therapy of Parkionsons Disease and depression. Further, monoaminooxidase is also involved in other psychiatric diseases like personality disorders and drug abuse.

Mediagnost also offers specific antibodies for the detection of ethanol degradation production like Phosphatidylethanol and Ethyl glucoronid, which are of interest for analysis of alcohol metabolism and alcohol abuse.