IGFBP-6 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Bindingprotein 6) consists of 216 amino acids, but several different isoforms exist. The most abundant form consists of 212 amino acids. The molecule can by glycosylated, phosphorylated and sulphated. Thus here polyclonal antibodies are used for detection of total IGFBP-6. Besides the regulation of IGF-I bioavailability, IGFBP-6 shows different IGF-independent actions. IGFBP-6 can inhibit cell proliferation, induce apoptosis, influence angiogenesis and cell migration.

The IGFBP-6 ELISA measures reliable IGFBP-6 concentrations in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants.


Product number


Regulatory status (EU)


Reference material eukaryotic, recombinant IGFBP-6
Incubation time 3h
Antibody Rabbit
Standard recombinant human IGFBP-6
Assay Range
0,026 – 500
Sample matrix

EDTA- / Heparin Plasma

Sample dilution 1:51
analyt. Sensitivity
Intra-/Interassay variance [%] < 10
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