The IGFBP-2 ELISA (Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2) measures reliable the concentration of humanem IGFBP-2 in serum and plasma as well as in cell culture supernatants, breat milk, cerebrospinal fluid. Elevated IGFBP-2 concentrations might indicate a malignant disease like liver carcinoma, prostate cancer or brain tumor.

An overview of major assay characteristics is given in the table below. More detailed information is available in the package insert and for special requirements or questions please contact us directly by email or phone.

Product number


Regulatory status (EU)


Reference material recombinant IGFBP-2
Incubation time 1,75h
Antibody Rabbit
Calibrator human IGFBP-2
Assay Range
0,2 – 1680
Sample matrix

EDTA- / Heparin Plasma

Sample dilution 1:21
analyt. Sensitivity
Intra-/Interassay variance [%] < 10
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