Mediagnost has a longstanding experience in cell culture of eukaryotic cells and virus production.

Since its foundation Mediagnost produces the Hepatitis A virus (HAV) as raw material for diagnostic companies as well as for own Hepatitis A antibody and virus test systems.

The HAV antigenes are produced from HAV infected cell cultures. The virus is inactivated by formaldehyde and neutralized by sodium bisulfit. Successful inactivation is controlled by the in house Mediagnost residual infectivity test.

HAV- Antigen A30 is enriched by tangential flow filtration and contains stabilizing proteins.


Hepatitis A Virus Antigen

Product Number A30
Cell Culture MRC5- or FRhK4- Cells
Raw material Cell culture supernatant
Processing Tangential Flow Filtration
Buffer PBS
HAV-Antigen [IU/mL] ≥80
Protein [mg/mL] ≥10
Preservation 0,05% NaN3
Storage -20°C
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